My story

The Duchess of Cybersecurity ® (Dr. Chanel Suggs) CASP, C|CISO, C|EH, CNDA, C|HFI, C|EI, ITILv3, ACE, MPE, Security +, is a subject matter expert in Cyber Security, Forensics, Network Security, Computing, Information Assurance, and IT strategy. Duchess of Cybersecurity ® is the CEO and founder of Wyvern Security  She promotes women and diversity in cybersecurity as well as focus on rural community outreach and fundraising for these initiatives. She is a proven thought leader, and influencer whom advises clients regarding their security posture and works with clients to uncover and identify new and emerging threats.

The Duchess of Cybersecurity is a distinguished lecturer and speaker on cybersecurity, forensics, hacking and cryptography. She has an extensive background in managing, designing, implementing, and assessing cyber security risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. She was awarded 6 certifications through the National Security Agency (NSA) and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSSI). She holds a Doctorate, 4 Masters (Project Management, Information Assurance, Networking and Communications, MBA) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The Duchess of Cybersecurity ® provides solution to the most complex issues within the public and private sectors to ensure a better security posture and best practices.

Need advice?

Not sure where you should start please feel free to reach out to me.

New Book Release

Against All Odds: Overcoming Racial and Gender Harassment on the Digital Battlefield


“Motivated. Competent. Inspirational. Sets-the-bar-high. These four words/phrases, in my opinion, best describe Chanel. When I first encountered Chanel, I didn’t realize what a tour de force she is/was. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! Her work-ethic and dedication to life-long learning are two things that set her apart from the rest. She is in the business of advancing her field and inspiring others to do the same! My best advice is to slide to the side and let her do her thing. You will be glad you did.”